We’ll hand you the tools to hire the right candidates and the keys to uncover the potential in your employees for greater engagement by all.

What We Do


Communication skills that lead to greater levels of trusts between individuals and teams.


To ensure optimal engagement and performance by understanding the emotional and decision-making tendencies of potential new hires.


To ensure ongoing engagement and to maximize performance levels.

We’ll hand you the tools to hire the right candidates and the keys to uncover the potential in your employees for greater engagement by all.

Increase your accuracy in selecting very high performers for your teams by 70% to 90%!  No other system comes close! You can now build a more stable work team with minimal expensive turnover by hiring top producers.

Our Products

You will gain the resources you need for efficient hiring and effective employee retention that adds to your bottom line.

Our Services

You’ll have a new, unique way of deploying assessments, deciphering results and implementing employee-related solutions.

Training & Resources

To insure a higher retention rate your staff will be trained to do a lot of the support work in-house.

What our Clients Say

“As someone who is passionately interested in the Growth and Development of employees I am always looking for things that can help people along their path and help me to understand the dynamics of where people are ‘coming from’. I loved the training from Viatech as it completely achieved this purpose for me. The training was most effective by creating a lot of opportunities for practice. It was very powerful to listen to the opinion of other’s when looking at profiles to see how our thinking was the same or differing. I feel that this training will give me some powerful tools when being involved in the decision making process of new hires as well. A fantastic experience.”
Teleah Vos
L&D Coordinator, Genworth
“Pamela is a senior consultant who is a delight to work with. Her command and understanding of group dynamics together with the tools and resources she uses to correct team behavior is research-based and top notch. Pam’s attention to detail and ethics are a great combination for any organization in need of culture change and refinement. She knows how to get the right leaders in the right seats to accelerate business growth and positive culture change. I highly recommend Pamela’s service.”
Dianne Crampton
Founder, TIGERS Success Series

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