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What We Do

We’ll hand you the tools to hire the right candidates and the keys to uncover the potential in your employees for greater engagement by all.

Communication skills that lead to greater levels of trusts between individuals and teams.

To ensure optimal engagement and performance by understanding the emotional and decision-making tendencies of potential new hires.

To ensure ongoing engagement and to maximize performance levels.

Increase your accuracy in selecting very high performers for your teams by 70% to 90%!  No other system comes close! You can now build a more stable work team with minimal expensive turnover by hiring top producers.

Our Products

You will gain the resources you need for efficient hiring and effective employee retention that adds to your bottom line.

Comprehensive Assessment
Unique Methodology
Training and Coaching
Team Development
Employee Development

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Our Services

You’ll have a new, unique way of deploying assessments, deciphering results and implementing employee-related solutions.

Hire the right people
Reduce turnover
Keep high performers
Save employee development dollars
Increase profits

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Training & Resources

To insure a higher retention rate your staff will be trained to do a lot of the support work in-house.

Certified Training Sessions
Continuing Education Programs
Monthly Newsletter
Instructional Articles
Specialized Training as needed

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The Cat Adoption Process

Step 1: Find a Cat

When you find a pet you like, feel free to call the listing's corresponding phone number; we'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Step 2: Complete Adoption Application

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Step 3: Pay Adoption Fee*

*Payable after approval and meet & greet
[button title="Pay Adoption Fee" icon="" icon_position="" link="https://www.trailblz.info/lostpetfound/eventcomplete.aspx?eventid=2" target="_blank" color="" font_color="" large="0" class="" download="" onclick=""]

Cat Resource Articles

Are you looking for specific information regarding cats? Whether incorporating a new cat into your home, dealing with feral cats or wanting to teach your cat using proper training techniques, we have some resource articles that will help!

Or download our adoption Handbook!
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