Our History

Maggie Moore founded the company when she began teaching Adventures in Attitude to inmates and prison administrators in Hawaii in 1990.  After returning to the mainland a few years later, she expanded the business to include a DISC Behavioral Assessment.  Working in Phoenix AZ, her early clients included realtors, event planners, dentists, ministers and many others. When Michael Bouton came onboard in 1996, he expanded the business to include Human Motivators workshops and eventually large-scale training programs for multi-national companies worldwide. As Viatech’s customer base grew to include not just international electronics companies, but a diversified group of fortune 500 companies plus a growing group of distributors serving clients all over the world, more assessments were added.

Today, Viatech provides many customized solutions to meet the modern needs for hiring, on-boarding, training, employee development and retention. We’ve grown from a reseller of assessments provided by the most respected names in the industry to developing our own assessments. We now offer a unique combination of assessments gaining an unprecedented view into a person’s talents. Our services include not only the assessments but the training to take interested practitioners to the highest level of expertise in understanding assessments and their tremendous value in transforming the human side of organizations.

Interesting fact – Viatech has grown steadily for over 25 years solely by word-of-mouth.  Typically, trained facilitators from companies would take our programs with them when they joined another company or struck out on their own. Customers from Dubai, Turkey, China, Malaysia, Europe, Australia and many more locations continually contact us for solutions.

Viatech is a joy to own and operate. Answering the phone can be a new adventure in assisting the most astute, energetic and solution-oriented people in the world of commerce and industry today. We don’t take this success for granted.  Our mission has always been to provide gold-standard customer service and accurate, cutting-edge assessments and training.

We offer all of our expertise to each customer as we solve problems together.

Dr. Margaret Moore

– MBA, D.D – Co-Founder

Michael Bouton

-Co-Founder, CEO Certified Behavior Analyst and Axiologist

CJ Walker

-B.A. Psychology Operations Manager

Pamela Brooks

Human Behavior Specialist

Management Team

Viatech Global provides a revolutionary scientific advantage for hiring, retaining, and training employees. Serving governments, hospitals, universities, banks and corporations in all sectors, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, in over 40 countries, Viatech’s Behavior Analysts have over 50 years of combined experience in hiring, training, and developing people, and helping organizations thrive. With a goal of inspiring and igniting excellence within organizations, our team of Behavior Analysts, Associates, and instructors provides the structure, scientific tools, and training that leads organizations towards maximizing the potential of their employees and leading the company to greatness.


“I see Viatech as the leader in getting the right people on the bus and getting them in the right seats. Our work teams are more emotionally equipped for working together on big projects in a timely way. Viatech literally made our teams self-actualizing, responsible, and self-directed.” 

Leatherwood Plastics

“Viatech definitely has the leading tools for measuring human potential. They were able to list the “risks” in hiring every person on our short list for each job opening and to show us the ideal place for each person to excel. With utmost integrity, their professionals revealed and realigned the big passions and talents – often unconscious talents – of our workforce. The payback for our employees personally and for the corporate bottom line has just been enormous.  And, the cost of this transformation has been minimal considering the outcomes in all of the countries where we operate.” 

VP of Operations, Electronics Manufacturing Company

“At the last company I worked for, it took seven weeks to train certain team members at a cost of about $30,000 each. It was not until after that training and they were on the job we discovered that they were not able to integrate into the position and perform at the levels required. This led to an unacceptable level of attrition. Viatech helped us better define the specific job functions and guided us through a process where developed a job benchmark based on behavior. Previous to that we thought we needed people that could do all of the functions of our two person field team. Wow, this process really opened our eyes! The team consisted of two very distinct behavioral profiles. Now we could place people in positons that closer matched their talents. This one enhancement to our talent management process decreased the turnover in those benchmarked jobs from 80% to 15%. Now, I won’t hire new employees without having them go through the Viatech assessment process. Everyone currently in the company has been evaluated.” 

David Rabb, Co-Owner Leak Detection Technologies

“The tool is simple, practical, enlightening and useful. A lot of actual case studies were used which greatly enhanced the learning experience. Michael is a wonderful teacher. He is passionate, patient and eminently knowledgeable. He has a real desire for others to genuinely “get it” and will go to great lengths to ensure this happens. There was no clock-watching, and additional time was spent dealing with questions and queries free of charge. The level of service and support we have received after the training has also been impeccable.”  

Shaun Laubscher

“After experiencing the integrated report from Viatech Global I decided certification in this powerful tool was a must for my practice. It was not without trepidation that I embarked upon this path as I signed up for both Passion and Judgment certification. As I got into the training I almost abandoned it. Lots of very good information and at times a bit overwhelming as my practice demanded a lot from me, but encouragement by Pam and Michael turned the tide and with their always available support I completed the training. It has transformed my practice. Since the training, I have been engaged by an international company to present a workshop on Judgment using the Judgment report. The support I got from both Pam and Michael was invaluable. They helped me craft a first class workshop that was received with incredible enthusiasm. I gave the audience insight they had never before encountered and was regarded as a true expert.

Cindy Miller, LPGA, President, Cindy Miller, Inc.

“As a veteran professional business coach, it’s critical to have a few aces in your hand and I consider Pam to be one of mine. She is a master at analyzing assessments to provide powerful insights and strategies to help me deliver the greatest value possible to my clients. She’s attentive, extremely responsive and goes above and beyond to help me be successful. I’ve also found her reports to be exemplary and she has all the resources you need to use them effectively. If you’re looking for someone to support your efforts to improve human performance, you will want to have Pam on your team.”

Todd Mauney Todd Mauney – Business Development & Achievement Coach

“As someone who is passionately interested in the Growth and Development of employees I am always looking for things that can help people along their path and help me to understand the dynamics of where people are ‘coming from’. I loved the training from Viatech as it completely achieved this purpose for me. The training was most effective by creating a lot of opportunities for practice. It was very powerful to listen to the opinion of other’s when looking at profiles to see how our thinking was the same or differing. I feel that this training will give me some powerful tools when being involved in the decision making process of new hires as well. A fantastic experience.”  

Teleah Vos, L&D Coordinator, Genworth

“Viatech Behavior Analysts seemed to know from the beginning not to try to entrench themselves in our systems.  Instead they trained our own HR department to run a tighter ship – to hire the right people for the right jobs.  That has made all the difference.” 

James Rivers President, Avon Rubber

“Pamela is a senior consultant who is a delight to work with. Her command and understanding of group dynamics together with the tools and resources she uses to correct team behavior is research-based and top notch. Pam’s attention to detail and ethics are a great combination for any organization in need of culture change and refinement. She knows how to get the right leaders in the right seats to accelerate business growth and positive culture change. I highly recommend Pamela’s service.” 

Dianne Crampton, Founder, TIGERS Success Series

“Upon first meeting Pam she comes across with leadership presence. She is professional and knowledgeable, that’s a given. However as you work with her you quickly realize there is a wealth of knowledge and experience there. To say that she is the Consultant’s, Consultant or the Trainer’s, Trainer is an understatement. Pam brings with her a background of executive coaching and training and a background of counseling. These three combined set her aside as a unique resource. But the skill that Pam has that is rare is an intuitive ability to read between the lines. She has the ability to connect the dots or integrate the information between a family of assessments that provides the client with a knowledge and understanding of Self. Pam understands how to develop assessments that provide value to the client. When I’ve run out of my knowledge I turn to Pam. She has patience and is a great resource to me as an executive coach.” 

Rich Ruhmann, Ruhmann Associates

“Viatech is the Mercedes-Benz of consulting companies today. They have the only effective tool out there for measuring human potential in their Emotional Intelligence TriMetrix. It’s both fast and cost effective. Their professionals work with integrity to reveal the big talents, often unconscious, of every employee  — they produced higher productivity for us overnight which improved our bottom line. I’ve never seen such a team of experts work so reliably. Why wouldn’t a company do this?  The payback has been a thousand-fold.” 

VP of Manufacturing, Large International Chip Manufacturer

“The HVP training provided by Cornerstone Consulting and Viatech Global was one of the best investments I’ve made for my consulting business. The return on investment was virtually immediate. I have been using DISC and Motivators in my practice for 20 years with great success, but adding HVP to my tool box has been astounding. I’m able to add insight I’ve never had previously and it has elevated my value to my clients as it relates to their hiring practices and leadership training/team building of employees. Pam’s teaching style was extraordinary. Her experience as a professor at ASU shines through and the support after the training is nothing short of superb. I highly recommend this training. It will take your consulting practice to a higher level, in expertise as well as value.”  

MJ Rankin, President, THE RANKIN GROUP, LTD

“I was struggling with a new hire, a coder with impeccable credentials and talent. Unfortunately a bad ft to our team. Trying to coach, I asked our DISC supplier if using the DIC assessment might be a way to coach. They suggested I INSTEAD USE THEIR Personal Insights assessments that goes beyond behavior, giving insight into the total personality picture.  After reviewing the assessment my employee stated “I don’t fit this job or environment. I need to move on.” Just like that, problem solved without the difficulty of removing this employee from our company.  Incredibly valuable.  Thank you Viatech Global.”

Manager at Chip Manufacturer

“I was struggling with a new hire, a coder with impeccable credentials and talent. Unfortunately a bad ft to our team. Trying to coach, I asked our DISC supplier if using the DIC assessment might be a way to coach. They suggested I INSTEAD USE THEIR Personal Insights assessments that goes beyond behavior, giving insight into the total personality picture.  After reviewing the assessment my employee stated “I don’t fit this job or environment. I need to move on.” Just like that, problem solved without the difficulty of removing this employee from our company.  Incredibly valuable.  Thank you Viatech Global.”

Manager at Chip Manufacturer

I have utilized Pam’s services as a consultant and human performance specialist for almost 10 years. She has been instrumental in helping me not only with my company’s major talent acquisition decisions, but I have also trusted her to work with my own children in their career and life choices.  She has provided valuable insights over the years for different performance issues and leadership feedback sessions. Pam is a very knowledgable consultant who gives generously of her time and energy to help us be our best and take the business to the next level. I appreciate the fact that she stays on top of research in the human performance industry.

Pam always brings new insights, direction and valued perspectives in a timely manner to the table which is greatly appreciated.”  

Jon Lanphier, President/CEO, CBC

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