Certified Professional Behavior Practitioner (CPBP) Training

This training has a prerequisite of DISCcompass® Workshop Facilitator (DcWF) which consists of four levels, PDF guidebooks, and quizzes, plus a personal debrief of your assessment report. 
If you have completed that, you will need to enroll in the CPBP training which consists of 6 levels of videos, PDF guidebooks, handouts and quizzes.  To ensure the greatest learning during this course, demo reports will be added to your ViatechProfiles.com account for practicing report debriefs.
The course will help you learn how to review a DISC report, facilitate DISC workshops, and give you added knowledge of how to use DISC for coaching, team training, and selection purposes.


Level 1: Debriefing the Report:  In this video, Michael will walk through a DISCcompass Report, highlighting important areas you will want to focus on as you begin debriefing reports on your own.
Level 2: Available Reports, Tools & Applications:  In this Level you will learn more about the various versions in the DISCcompass® series.  You will be introduced to the creation of Free Team/Group Reports and Tools that are available to you for facilitation and coaching.  This also includes an introduction to the DISC Collaboration Report.
Level 3: Reading Graphs & Behavioral Tendencies:  In this session we will be addressing the art of reading graphs  and understanding all of the information you can glean from the Behavioral Tendencies section of the report.  Additionally includes how to read the magnitude of each of the style elements and how they relate to the other style elements.
Level 4: Coaching:  This session covers Coaching for all of the styles and practice debriefing!
Level 5: DISC Benchmark Creation:  Learn how to create DISC related Benchmarks, DISC Fitness reports and utilize other on-screen data tools.
Level 6: Viatech Profiles Reports/Tools Overview:  ViatechProfiles is where you will set up and manage links and reports for your students/participants in DISC workshops.  This level will walk you through the use of ViatechProfiles and goes much deeper into the Team/Group reports, including the DISC Collaboration Report.
Level 7: Sharefile Overview:  Viatech Global’s Sharefile platform is where all of the files you will need to facilitate sessions, debrief, and coach clients, plus extra resources reside.  You will learn about registering, accessing the files, the types of information available depending on your level of training and experience.
Level 8: HireSense:  A brief introduction to the new Insights GPS tool designed to simplify, lower the cost, and raise the effectiveness in the selection, hiring, and retention of new employees.
  • First year ShareFile folder access ($175)
  • A Personal Insights Report with optional debrief (retail value for report $232)
  • 10 DISCcompass profiles (retail value $970)
  • Continued access to all training videos and materials
  • Access to slide sets for training and promotion
  • Access to tools for advanced diagnostics using assessment data
  • Ongoing mentoring and support

For Cost: Contact admin@viatechglobal.com

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