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Our unique online Viatech University provides all of the materials needed by Certified Trainers from within your organization to train and mentor your employees and teams.

Assessments, workshops, and employee-selection interviews only have value with follow-up training and mentoring. Our unique program allows you to provide high-level in-house support for your employees and teams by your own personnel who earn certification in our training and mentoring process. Although we do offer on-site training and mentoring by our team, your company reduces costs by teaching your own trainers or selected staff members to provide these services. Your own employees understand the culture of your organization better than any outside consultant ever can. By training those who have the aptitude, you nurture an in-house resource that provides a valuable service with no additional costs.

Materials provided through our private online interface include:

Viatech provides ongoing support from our behaviour analysts and other support personnel at no additional cost to you.

Your only ongoing expense is a nominal charge for assessments and materials.

Four steps to becoming proficient in Human Understanding

Viatech Global’s Train the Trainer program provides ongoing education for trainers and coaches who want to effectively use our diagnostic tools within their organization.

This training takes even the most experienced trainer/coach (practitioner) to higher levels of understanding and effectiveness. They learn proficiency in three areas of the total Self: Behavior (how we act out), Attitudes (what drives us), and the Thinking Dimension – how we process information from the world to form judgments and make decisions.

Trainers will learn how to integrate the information from the three areas of the self to better understand their clients and how to help them maximize their strengths while reducing potential limitations. Specific coaching guidelines are given that help accelerate the development process. In addition, through our unique program, practitioners uncover their own individual biases that might affect their ability to coach others.

Program participants gain competency in three areas:

These three building blocks to human performance are the most applicable disciplines and sciences for a practitioner to use to create a training and/or development path that is unique to and productive for teams and individuals. You will discover how the three building blocks can enhance or take-a-way from performance potential and how to pinpoint performance problems so that they can be targeted more quickly.  Once a certified trainer you will be able to have a greater impact on those that you work with and help other achieve what use to take months of advanced training.


You will go beyond understanding the classic traits of the four basic styles to understanding how the strengths or limitations of each of the styles (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance) impacts the other style elements.


You will not only learn about Edward Spranger and Gordon Allport’s work defining the 7 attitudes of world views you will also learn how each individuals prioritization of these attitudes affect drive, passions, relationships and motivation to engage in specific business situations.


The deductive science behind this report is the basis for your journey into the way people think and make judgments. We are all biased in some way toward one or more areas of thinking, be it people, task or stucture. You will gain mastery into the reports science and its uncanny ability to look into the mind of your client so you know how to challenge their thinking to improve performance.


A 12-hour, 8-session online instructor-led course or a two day onsite program.  There will be reading assignments and group activities interpreting graphs. Certification requires successful completion of online test.



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