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Co-workers are like family.  Most of the time, you don’t get to choose them and there will inevitably be people around with whom you will naturally clash.  By understanding your own style and the style of the person you are dealing with, you can establish rapport more easily and become more persuasive.  Our DISC reports are as much prescriptive as they are descriptive.

You will find our DISC is an invaluable behavioral profiling system that teaches your organization how to identify— and use to your advantage— the predictable aspects of communication. Based on the research of Dr. William Moulton Marston, DISC is the most widely used behavior profiling tool of its kind, supported by decades of research and continuous validation.

Our DISC reports are unique because they teach leaders specific skills to improve their own interpersonal interactions.  These reports will empower your team with specific recommendations unique to their profiles.  When utilized, these skills have the ability to enact powerful and demonstrable returns.

Using our DISC assessment you will come away with fast, effective learning strategies and see significant professional and interpersonal benefit

Our DISC reports are unique because they teach users specific skills to improve their own interpersonal interactions.  While our reports do go into considerable detail describing users’ natural DISC behavioral style, we believe this is really just the first step.  Our reports empower users with specific recommendations unique to their profile.  When utilized, these skills have the ability to enact powerful and demonstrable returns.

DISC Assessment Applications

Benchmarking & Comparison
–Empower business owners, managers and HR professionals with the ability to compare new applicants to desirable job-performance benchmarks.

Career Management
– The DISC Career Management report matches each individual’s behavioral style with specific occupations necessitating the same traits.

Change Management
– Learn behaviors for transforming resistance into receptivity. Coaching – Discover how to help others consistently achieve their potential.

Customer Service
– Teach administrative and customer support teams how to dependably provide stellar service and interaction regardless of behavioral style.

Hiring & Selection
– The right person in the right job is priceless. The wrong person is an expensive nightmare waiting to happen. DISC provides the cornerstone for many of our hiring and selection assessments.

Sales Training
Drive revenue by teaching even the most novice or experienced sales professionals the keys to identifying and harnessing identifiable behaviors in their prospects.

Management Skills
– Teach an organization’s management the methods for dependably and genuinely motivating their staff.

Leadership Programs 
– Empower your organization’s managers with the ability to get the most out of their teams.

Conflict Resolution
– Bring clarity and understanding to otherwise disparate behavioral styles.

Productive Meetings
– Plan meetings with differing behavioral styles in mind to ensure best outcomes.

– Discover how to exponentially propel your fast trackers.

– Know who fits with whom in advance. Create your teams based on compatible skills and traits, not just generic ideas of balance.

Assesment Types

DISCcompass® Coaching Our most comprehensive report for use either in a team-training session or as a development tool.  It includes all the main descriptive features, including the 12 Integrated Behaviors, along with suggested areas for improvement.  This report also includes a section about how to recognize the different styles and how to adapt to them.

DISCcompass® Sales  Similar to the Coaching report with the exception that the General Characteristics section is written from a sales perspective.

DISCcompass® Leadership  Includes all of the features of the Coaching report plus a section that gives guidance for a leader or manager to best manage, lead, mentor and motivate each of the different behavioral styles.

DISCcompass® Team – A scaled-down version of the Coaching report leaving out the developmental section, the how-to section, and the 12-Integrated Behaviors.  Used in the workshop, the 12-Integrated Behaviors can be accessed in a team format by generating an Integrated Behaviors Exercise.


DISCcompass® 360  The DISC 360 assessment allows individuals to enhance the traditional DISC assessment by adding the objective insights from others.

DISCcompass® Job  Understanding a job in a behavioral definition gives the flexibility to compare applicant’s behavioral style to the job to understand where the fit is as well as the conflict.  This objective comparison promotes the ability to effectively place people in positions where their natural behavioral style matches the requirement of the position.  This not only promotes productivity but also job satisfaction and engagement.

DISC Career Management  – This DISCstyles Assessment is used to analyze your Communication Preferences and Behavioral Style for your Career Management.

DISC Fitness – The Fitness report evaluates job candidates by first measuring and then identifying how the candidate’s typical behavioral style matches the behaviors required by job. Use this report to identify and measure how each candidate’s behavioral style matches the job requirements.
Sample DISCcompass Coaching
Sample DISCcompass Sales
Sample DISCcompass Leadership
Sample DISCcompass-Team
Sample DISCcompass Lite – General
Sample DISCcompass Lite – Sales
Sample DISCcompass 360
Sample DISCcompass Job
Sample DISC Career Management
Sample DISC Fitness

Combination Reports including DISC

Simply stated, our combination reports are a way for you to immediately pair two or more of our assessments by purchasing them together for the same individual to take.  Rather than purchase the core assessments (DISC, Passions, Judgment, Emotional Intelligence or Learning Styles) individually, purchasing a combination report allows you to get the assessments packaged together in a single report, saving you approximately 20%.

Personal INSIGHTS Report – In combining the information from the three sections of this report (DISC, Motivators and Judgment) you will gain a great depth of understanding about yourself and how you relate to others, how you go about carrying out your daily tasks, and how well you see the big picture and set goals to drive for.  You may have understood aspects you get from each section before, but the presentation of the information will give you a language and depth of understanding that surpasses anything you may have known.  The best part, in learning about yourself, any leader will also gain the language and understanding to better relate to the people around them, to improve education, to improve communication, to improve engagement, and ultimately improve performance!

DISC-Motivators Report – Receive both assessments’ insights at the same time, for a single individual.  Assessment takers receive a single email link which takes them to both online questionnaires.

DISC and Learning Styles Report – The Learning Styles questionnaire is intended to help determine where people’s general preferences, or natural learning biases, might lie.  Although this is far from an exact science, the simple view is that the more we can understand how we perceive new information or new learning, the better and more successful our learning transfer will be.

Sample Personal INSIGHTS
Sample DISC-Motivators
Sample DISC Self and Learning Styles

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