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Know Yourself – Know Your People:  Personal Insights Report

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Great leaders know that the greatest gift we can give ourselves is personal understanding and the greatest gift we can give another is to see them for who they are. Research from many different fields has demonstrated the importance of self-awareness as the key to a successful and happy life.  This becomes even more profound in the research on leadership and management in organizations today.  The more leaders understand about themselves and have a framework to understand others the greater their ability to successfully develop those around them. To this end ViatechGlobal and Cornerstone Consulting have developed the Personal Insights Report: an in depth understanding of your passions, presence, and processing ability.

Your Passions – Know your inner drive!

Your Presence –Know how others see you!

Your Processing Ability – Know your judgement ability and biases!

Understanding your passion from within will help you find more ways to draw on them in the work that you do.  You may discover that you need to seek out new ways to tap into them for greater success.

The same is true of understanding your people. We often assume that others should be like us and are disappointed when they are not.  However, understanding the 7 basic passions and what they indicate about people when they are high or low in them will help any leader to relate to and tap into the strengths of the team around them.  It will also help them understand how to reduce the potential conflict and frustrations when people with competing passions clash. This is a real-time emotion and money saver for any leader in an organization.

Neuroscientists today say that 95% of the time we are not thinking about what we are doing, we are “Just Doing it!”  So if we are not thinking, “What are we doing?” and “What impact is that having on those around us?”

When what we do meets the demands of what we need to do, life is great, we are in the flow and people are happy with us.  However, if we have to adjust our behavior and make too many changes, we can think ourselves right into poor performance and added stress.   Great leaders understand themselves, what environments they work best in, what trigger points they may have.

More importantly leaders also understand these performance areas in the people that work for them.  Leaders can become better coaches and mentors when they can help others make better performance choices and sync with their environment which leads to more productive and engaged workers.

This is the most enlightening section of the report and more importantly the most objective part as it is based on Robert S Hartman’s Value Profile (HVP) and science.   It will help you unravel the secrets of why you make the decisions that you do, how you go about making them, and what potential blind spots you may have especially in different situations.  You will know when you make sound decisions and when you might want to consult others, to ensure the best outcome.

The report will give you a clear understanding of how you make sense of the people around you, how you go about problem solving, and how well you see the big picture and can set goals that are realistic and attainable.  More importantly this report will give insight into your internal awareness of yourself and how you might be relating to your present role(s) and how well you see yourself in the future.  Leaders will gain a great deal of understanding of how to ask the right questions to help those around them better performance choices, and also sync with their environment, leading to more productive and engaged workers.

Putting it all Together – The BIG WIN!

In combining the information from the three sections of this report, you will gain a great depth of understanding about yourself and how you relate to others, how you go about carrying out your daily tasks, and how well you see the big picture and set goals to drive for.   You may have understood aspects that you get from each section before, but the presentation of the information will give you a language and depth of understanding that surpasses anything you may have known.

The best part, in learning about yourself, any leader will also gain the language and understanding to better relate to the people around them, to improve communication, to improve engagement, and ultimately performance!

Sample Personal INSIGHTS Report
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