Combination Reports

Our combination reports are a way for you to immediately pair two or more of our assessments by purchasing them together for the same individual to take.  Rather than purchase the core assessments (DISC, Passions, Judgment, Emotional Intelligence or Learning Styles) individually, purchasing a combination report allows you to get the assessments packaged together in a single report, saving you approximately 20%!

Personal INSIGHTS Report – In combining the information from the three sections of this report (DISC, Motivators and Judgment) you will gain a great depth of understanding about yourself and how you relate to others, how you go about carrying out your daily tasks, and how well you see the big picture and set goals to drive for.  You may have understood aspects you get from each section before, but the presentation of the information will give you a language and depth of understanding that surpasses anything you may have known.  The best part, in learning about yourself, any leader will also gain the language and understanding to better relate to the people around them, to improve education, to improve communication, to improve engagement, and ultimately improve performance!

DISC & Motivators ReportReceive both assessments’ insights at the same time, for a single individual.  Assessment takers receive a single email link which takes them to both online questionnaires.

DISC & Learning Styles ReportThe Learning Styles questionnaire is intended to help determine where people’s general preferences, or natural learning biases, might lie.  Although this is far from an exact science, the simple view is that the more we can understand how we perceive new information or new learning, the better and more successful our learning transfer will be.

Sample Personal INSIGHTS Report
Sample DISC & Motivators Report
Sample DISC & Learning Styles Report
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