DISC-Motivators Report

DISC-Motivators Report

Human beings can be complex characters —driven by their primary needs, who is influencing them, and what motivates each emotion and behavior they often choose to use.

By combining DISC and Motivators, you can not only apply what you’ve learned about your needs (via DISC), but you can also align your work in ways that reflect what matters most to you (via Motivators). This combination report allows end users to maximize and/or eliminate tasks that may work for or against their value base.

Imagine an organization capable of leveraging the very best from each employee via a keen understanding of how to harness each employee’s inherent needs and values.

The online PASSIONcompass assessment is a result of the extensive research done by Dr. Eduard Spranger and Gordon Allport.  These two researchers spent their professional lives discovering what drives and motivates all of us.  These seven dimensions of values help us understand the driving force or the engine behind our passions and talents.

Those motivators you find to be your highest and lowest priorities determine how to invest your life energy.

Research shows that most successful people share the common trait of self-awareness.

  • They recognize the situations that will make them successful.  This makes it easier for them to find ways to achieve objectives that resonate with their passions.
  • They also understand their limitations.  Where they are indifferent on the Values Scale determines where not to focus time and energy, thus maximizing all their eggs in the right basket at work and in life.

Those who understand what motivates them best are far more likely to pursue the right opportunities for the right reasons, and to attain the results they desire.  Individuals who are properly aligned with regard to their personal value system and motivators will achieve more by accident than a misaligned individual can do on purpose.

The DISCcompass report helps you interpret how you do what you do in terms of the amount of life energy you invest in the way you behave, based on your needs. The Passion report helps you interpret why you do what you do in terms of the amount of life energy you invest in the way you behave, based on your values.

Knowing what matters most to us will enhance our performance by helping us attain better behavioral and emotional alignment with those jobs and opportunities about which we are more passionate.

Sample DISC & Motivators Report
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