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The following reports allow users to plot the DISC results of 2 or more individuals and reveal an assortment of insights– invaluable when coaching to correct interpersonal conflict, build teams, run DISC workshops & seminars, consult on succession planning, reveal insights for employee selection and more!

Behavioral Tendencies – Plots how each member of the group ranks in intensity for each of the 12 Integrated Behaviors.

DISC Team Summary– This report summarizes the key bullet points in each team members DISCcompass Coaching report – Strengths, Works Style Tendencies, Work Environment, Motivation Wants and Needs, Communicating Dos and Don’ts, and Behaviors in Conflict

Dynamic Team Report – This 20-page report provides several team snapshots; including a combined overview of the different behavioral styles within the team and where each person falls on the DISC (Behavioral Pattern View) Compass.

DISC Team Compass – Plots everyone in a particular group on the DISC (Behavioral Pattern View) Compass.


PASSION-Group Graphs

PASSION-Team WheelPlots everyone in a particular group on the PASSION (Motivation and Drives) Compass.

PASSION-Export Results

Sales IQ Plus – Group Report

Sample_Collaboration_Report – The DISC Collaboration Report presents the key features of the interrelationship of any two individuals, highlighting side-by-side the likely areas where they have both similar and dissimilar perspectives and behavioral tendencies. The report shows specific areas where differences in perspective could lead to potential misunderstandings, offering potential solutions for conflict resolution.

DISC Fitness Benchmarking – Matching Behavioral requirements of a specific job often means the difference between applicant fit and no fit. This tool makes simple and easy Job Benchmark creation based on the behavioral requirements for success at that job using our process for creating an accountability-focused job description, not a person description as most job descriptions are now written.

DISC Fitness Reporting – This versatile tool graphically identifies the behavioral gaps in your team and uncovers the behavioral mismatches that disrupt communications, understanding and acceptance. It also compares benchmarks to job applicants identifying the best fit for our 12 behavioral tendencies.

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