PASSION Certification

PASSION Certification

Course Objectives:

To become an expert in understanding and use of the PASSIONcompass in order to be lead group training sessions, coach individuals, and interpret employment screening reports.

  • Why is it important to understand the history and study personal interests, attitudes and values (Passions)?
  • What are the seven core Motivational factors?
  • What are the five measurement scales and what do they mean?
  • How should a PASSIONcompass report be interpreted? What should be avoided?
  • How can the understanding of Passions be used in training activities, team development, coaching programs, and selecĕon?

Pre-Course Requirements:

  • Complete a PASSION Compass Report
  • Receive a debrief of your report by a trained professional

Session 1 —Introduction: Overview of Model

  • What is important about how Spranger and Allport defined attitude, motivation, and passions?
  • How are beliefs formed and how do they impact our passion to do things?
  • What are the 7 areas of passion in the report and what influence did Spranger and Allport have on how they were defined?

Session 2 — The High and Low of Each Passion

  • What is the difference between average, very high, high, low and very low designators in the Executive Summary page of the report?
  • How do our passions and indifferences affect others and how do others’ passions and indifferences affect us?

Session 3 — Understanding the Interactions

  • What passions create synergy and conflict within an individual and between individuals?
  • What is the best practice for debriefing a report?
  • How can the PASSIONcompass be used in employment screening?

Session 4 — Group Comparisons

  • How can I teach what I have learned to others in a Passion workshop?
  • How can I use this report to coach others and improve their ability to work with others?

We will provide examples and case histories, but also encourage you to have people complete the 5 PASSIONcompass reports so that you can work through their reports while completing the course.


  • Includes license to use Workshop Training materials
  • PowerPoint Slide Deck and Workshop Participant Guide in PDF
  • Access to Instructor site for additional materials
  • Includes 5 PASSIONcompass profiles (retail value $400)

Exam – Must be completed within 2 weeks for certification!!!

COST: $500.00

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