CJ Walker, B.A. PsychologyOperations Manager
Since 2006, CJ has held multiple roles with Viatech Global. Initially as office support, progressing to customer support administration, and currently serves as the primary lead overseeing elements of Viatechs’ CRM, marketing, website maintenance, privacy and GDPR policy reviews, and Certification programs, among others. In addition, she provides oversight for outside support services. Over the course of her time with Viatech Global, she has provided continuous support and assisted with the continuity of business operations and has become proficient with Viatech Global’s assessment products. She is certified at a level where she can coach our online students.

Prior to joining Viatech Global, CJ was responsible for the statistical compilation (from raw data to comprehensive results) of the MRI 4th & 5th Annual Survey of EHR Trends and Usage and assisted with documentation required by the National Committee on Vital & Health Statistics and the Subcommittee on Standards and Security of the NCVHS.

Her early career included support roles in construction, business, and the legal and medical fields.

CJ holds a degree in Psychology specializing in Industrial and Organizational Psychology with sub-education in Childhood and Adolescent Psychology. She is currently pursuing coursework in neuroscience and leadership development. She currently lives near San Antonio, Texas, and serves on the several Advisory Committees in the area.

In her free time, CJ enjoys spending time with her husband, children and nineteen grandkids. Her hobbies include reading, writing, embroidery and gardening.

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