Training and Coaching

Cost-Saving Employee Training & Mentoring

Enhance your human-resources investment while minimizing ongoing costs Assessments, workshops, and employee-selection interviews only have value with follow-up training and mentoring. Our unique program allows you to provide high-level in-house support for your employees and teams by your own personnel who earn certification in our training and mentoring process. Although we do offer on-site training and mentoring by our team, your company reduces costs by teaching your own trainers or selected staff members to provide these services. Read more about our Training Program Your own employees understand the culture of your organization better than any outside consultant ever can. By training those who have the aptitude, you nurture an in-house resource that provides a valuable service with no additional costs.

Viatech University

Our unique online Viatech University provides all of the materials needed by Certified Trainers from within your organization to train and mentor your employees and teams. Materials provided through our private online interface include:

  • Assessments. All the tools needed for surveying, interviewing, training, developing, coaching, and mentoring.
  • Ongoing training classes. Courses presented to your employees by your own Certified Trainers.
  • Free workshop presentation manuals.  Download and use these repeatedly.
  • Participant Workbooks. These are free to Certified trainers for download and reproduction, eliminating those ongoing costs.
  • Slideshows. Your certified trainers can download PowerPoint presentations for high-powered, interactive workshops or online study.

Viatech provides ongoing support from our behaviour analysts and other support personnel at no additional cost to you. Your only ongoing expense is a nominal charge for assessments and materials.

For more information about how you can help your employees grow and excel without spending a fortune, Call 800-494-5218 Today Or use our Contact Us form

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