DISCcompass Series

The DISCcompass Report series contains our most comprehensive behavioral reports are are great for use in team training sessions or as individual development tools.  They include descriptive statements about a person’s natural and adapted behavior and an indepth look at the 12 Integrated Behaviors.

The reports also provide suggestions for individual development as well as a section about how to recognize the different styles and how to adapt and communicate better with each of them.

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PASSIONcompass Series

Our PASSIONcompass Profile reveals the “why” behind behavior. It reflects the values and passions that guide an individual’s life. Based on the work of Spranger and Allport this report measures a person’s passions in the 7 areas of Economic, Altruistic, Theoretical, Regulatory, Aesthetic, Political, and Individualistic.

It is very useful in understanding a person’s strengths relative to their individual passions.  It is also great in team development as it can address team culture issues and help reduce potential areas of conflict.

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JUDGMENTcompass Series

Our JUDGMENTcompass™ Reports are very different from out other reports as these measure an individual’s judgment and thinking, both external and internal.  These revolutionary diagnostic tools are based on Robert Hartman’s Value Profile and measure the biases in a person’s judgment ability that eventually affect actions.

This ‘Thinking Science’, coupled with an understanding of behavior and passions offered in our other courses, uncovers the keys to a person’s performance by exposing both talents and potential limitations.  This knowledge can unlock an individuals’ true potential and guide them along a path to new levels of engagement and success.

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Combination Reports

Rather than purchasing reports individually, our Combination Reports allow you to get the benefits of several assessments packaged together into a single report— providing you with the great value of the reports while saving money.

Assessment users receive a single link which takes them to both online assessment questionnaires.  Once completed, the reports are combined into a single PDF format.

Currently we offer the following Combination Reports:

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Other Available Reports:

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INSIGHTcompass Plus

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