Interviewing Candidates and the Use of Smart Tools in Your Final Interview

Imagine reclaiming the 23 hours typically spent screening candidates for a vacant position. More than half of today’s talent acquisition leaders acknowledge the formidable challenge of sifting through a vast applicant pool to fill a position, a task exacerbated by the ongoing COVID crisis that demands recruitment teams to achieve more with fewer resources. This situation raises concerns about the inherent biases in the interviewing process.

Enter HireSense, a revolutionary web-based assessment app designed to streamline your hiring process. By leveraging HireSense, you can efficiently narrow down your applicant pool to individuals deserving of your attention, ensuring a more accurate and effective process.

HireSense excels at evaluating candidates’ judgment, motivation, and behavioral styles in alignment with your job requirements. During the interview, your focus shifts to exploring how applicants have applied their strengths in previous work experiences. This targeted behavioral interviewing approach enhances the likelihood of selecting the most suitable candidate for the job.

The app provides a set of interview questions that facilitate a deeper exploration of candidates’ abilities. These questions are crafted based on judgment alerts, offering a structured framework around behavior benchmarks and the motivations driving each applicant.

Additionally, HireSense helps mitigate biases often present in resumes. Recognizing that resumes can be up to 40% inaccurate, as they might be written by someone else and may contain misleading information, the app’s interview questions, combined with specific inquiries tailored to your company, saves time and contributes to a more unbiased hiring process.

The HireSense interview questions and some specific questions related to your company will ensure you save time and reduce bias in your hiring process. The LinkedIn Talent Solution Guide is an excellent source for additional interview questions that you can adapt to your company and job position.

In the final step of your hiring process, after identifying a candidate matching the established fit requirements from the benchmarking/alerts phase, utilize the Top Position Based Interview Questions to gauge their understanding of the position’s demands thoroughly. This strategic approach, powered by HireSense, ensures a more effective and informed hiring decision.

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