Be an Effective Networker!

Ever go to a social event and meet a person who just would not stop talking about themselves? You ask a friend about their vacation and before they get two sentences out this other person interrupts with their story of visiting that same place. Every time your friend tries to continue, the other guy [...]

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Top Five Reasons to Work with Viatech Global

The workplace is a changed environment and we understand the challenges faced by organizations as a result of these changes. We’re no longer in a “climb the corporate ladder” environment; employees are ready for positions to open – and not at your organization. They understand the value of change and so should you. At [...]

Employee and Applicant Ghosting

Wow, the buzz today is all about “Ghosting” – not showing up for an interview or even for work. Quitting without notification. Some blame the tight labor market giving talent many choices, some blame no job loyalty, others just say bad manners due to unethical behavior. Part of this is the chickens coming home to [...]

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