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A Critical Activity After You’ve Hired the Perfect Employee –You Hope I recently read an article[1] about things to do in an onboarding process and believe it has great value to our customers and partners. There were four tips to make your onboarding process more effective: Explain the big picture [...]

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Employee and Applicant Ghosting

Wow, the buzz today is all about “Ghosting” – not showing up for an interview or even for work. Quitting without notification. Some blame the tight labor market giving talent many choices, some blame no job loyalty, others just say bad manners due to unethical behavior. Part of this is the chickens coming home to [...]

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Your Brain at Work

Have you ever wondered about your brain at work? For many of us, how our brains work isn’t something we think about but we should, especially if we’re managers. How our brains function at work can impact our performance. Understanding how brains function, and how our employees’ brains function, we can grow successful teams. [...]

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Is Multi-tasking Killing Your Productivity?

At Viatech Global we take a science-based approach to employee productivity which is why we have been looking at how multi-tasking is killing productivity.  From the invention of the T.V. dinner to Tupperware to social media, Americans are constantly looking for better, faster ways to meet their goals.  Books have been written about increasing [...]