Team Development

Team Development

Viatech offers a series of workshops that facilitate team development. These workshops can be given at your facility or can be taken as online courses.

The advantage of having your teams take the workshops online is that it saves money and participants can follow the material at their own pace.

Below is a list of available workshops with a downloadable PDF with more information.

Pointing Toward Success™(4 hours)

Behavior Science basics:  Why we behave as we do and how others perceive us.  Improve influencing skills, team function, communication, and individual career development.   Learn More (PDF)

Motivations & Passions Influence Our Thinking and Success (3 hours)

Learn how a person’s natural motivations can drive them to success in the right environment.  Every team can capitalize on a profusion of viewpoints.  Learn More (PDF)

How and Why: Global Language of Behavior & Motivation (7 hours)

Learn and apply both Behavior and Motivations in one contiguous session.  Add to the powerful Language of Behavior the understanding of Passions to strengthen understanding and bring to the team an increase in effectiveness through seeing each individual’s drivers and how that adds to the collective strength of the team.  Learn More (PDF)

Team Talent 

TeamTalent©  is a powerful melding of the Judgment Style measurements that precisely calculate the Quality and Quantity of each team member’s judgment style and pairs that thinking power with the natural behaviors they favor as they deliver that judgment into the team/world in which they function.  Combining individual team member debriefs with a team interactive session this workshop propels a team to the highest levels of achievement.  Learn More (PDF)

Executive Team Leadership Workshop

A customized workshop designed to address critical concerns identified by the executive team leader.  Using our evaluative judgment assessment along with other appropriate assessments, this workshop is guaranteed to increase communication and especially effectiveness of the team around the identified critical areas.  Learn More (PDF)

For more information about Viatech Global’s in-person and online workshops Call 800-494-5218 505-765-9903 Today! Or use our handy Contact Us form

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