Top 4 Reasons Employees are Leaving the Company

Recent trends indicate American workers are increasingly leaving or looking to leave their current places of employment. Maybe you’re seeing this at your company and are wondering who and why. Who is going to do the work of the key players who have left? Why are employees leaving?

To understand why employees leave a company, let’s look at why they accepted a position at your company:


When these things cease to exist employees are left with a JOB. They want a CULTURE. They want to be appreciated, trusted, supported and engaged in their work and the company. As their colleagues and friends are laid off or forced into positions they don’t want just to keep a job, employees start looking for work elsewhere.

Here are the top four reasons employees are leaving the company:

Dis-engagement: In an economy of nine percent employment your workforce is concerned with the bottom line second to surviving the next round of cutbacks. Cutbacks can include layoffs or reorganization wherein employees and managers are forced into roles they would otherwise not have chosen. They are working in positions that don’t fit their personality, behaviors and skills creating an environment of dis-engagement.

Workplace Culture: Have you created a culture that meets the needs of employees? Whether it’s money, fun, time off, career training and development, your managers and employees want a work/life balance. They want to know you care about and listen to their ideas. Demonstrating you understand and care about them is key to a culture where employees are engaged.

Lack of understanding: Companies around the globe are concerned with the survival of the company without understanding the employees are a huge part of the survival. You may be laying off someone who can benefit the business in a different role. That quiet guy in the corner? He might want to teach what he knows to his colleagues. The marketing specialist may be better suited to project management. Understanding what makes your employees unique will (or should) drive their role in the company.

Communication: Understanding your employees beyond their resume and current position is key to retaining them in your organization. Hiring the right employees includes hiring managers who have a clear understanding of the mission, vision and values of your organzation – and the ability to implement this culture on their teams.

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