Why Your Desk Has Wheels: Learning from Innovators

The last time you started a job you may have felt that your new boss said, “ You’re Hired. Now Figure Things Out.” That’s not far from the truth about how most American companies operate. You are hired to quite literally fill a position, a desk, in a box on an organizational chart. If [...]

How to Treat Employees Fairly

As businesses continue to rebuild from the recession, it is important to understand how to engage and retain employees. Treating employees fairly is at the core of meeting this goal. It sounds simple but it’s often not well executed. Businesses see the bottom line and forget the path to the bottom line is the [...]

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Blind Spots and Paradigm Shifts: Changing the Standard’s for Employee Selection and Retention

Science and scientific discoveries have resulted in many paradigms shifts throughout the centuries. From realizing the earth is not flat to the fact that not everything revolves around the earth and that the earth is but a spec in the larger galaxy that we are a part of. Scientific discoveries have led to much [...]

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Top Five Reasons to Work with Viatech Global

The workplace is a changed environment and we understand the challenges faced by organizations as a result of these changes. We’re no longer in a “climb the corporate ladder” environment; employees are ready for positions to open – and not at your organization. They understand the value of change and so should you. At [...]