A Critical Activity After You’ve Hired the Perfect Employee –You Hope I recently read an article[1] about things to do in an onboarding process and believe it has great value to our customers and partners. There were four tips to make your onboarding process more effective: Explain the big picture [...]

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Is Multi-tasking Killing Your Productivity?

At Viatech Global we take a science-based approach to employee productivity which is why we have been looking at how multi-tasking is killing productivity.  From the invention of the T.V. dinner to Tupperware to social media, Americans are constantly looking for better, faster ways to meet their goals.  Books have been written about increasing [...]

Top 4 Reasons Employees are Leaving the Company

Recent trends indicate American workers are increasingly leaving or looking to leave their current places of employment. Maybe you’re seeing this at your company and are wondering who and why. Who is going to do the work of the key players who have left? Why are employees leaving? To understand why employees leave a [...]

The Science of Employee Engagement

Whether you have a small business or are part of a conglomerate in corporate America, there is a need for employees to be engaged. After all when employees are engaged they are most productive and that benefits the bottom line. Creating the environment for engagement is often ignored. Business executives often believe the elements of [...]