Your Brain at Work

Have you ever wondered about your brain at work? For many of us, how our brains work isn’t something we think about but we should, especially if we’re managers. How our brains function at work can impact our performance. Understanding how brains function, and how our employees’ brains function, we can grow successful teams.

Quick (and admittedly oversimplified) Guide to Brain Function:

  • Hippocampus is also known as the limbic system or our caveman brain. Its function is automatic emotional responses to situations, the fight or flight part of our brain. In days past, we ran away from threats like large animals rather than toward them, for example.
  • Prefrontal Cortex or logic center, regulates other centers of the brain, choosing the actions we take. When this part is well developed, we have overall improved brain function
  • Left brain is known for linear thinking, taking into account details, conscious actions, verbal communication, and language.
  • Right brain is known for processing the big picture, creativity, comprehension, and non-verbal communication.

Your employees have brains that are developed in different areas. These differences impact how each of them performs.

The Solution

At Viatech Global, we provide tools to help our clients gain a greater understanding of individuals, be it employees or associates. . Utilizing three reports, we help managers find solutions to employee performance issues, and prevent future challenges. This involves an understanding of how your employees’ brains process information.

Neuroscientists say 95% of the time our brains are in response mode, which means we often go through our daily routines without thinking about our thinking or our actions.  The only way to make changes to our regular routine is to become aware of it.  The reports create a non-biased way to understand and become aware of the routine responses.  This alone can be very liberating and can become a catalyst for profound change and improvement.

Motivation Report measures passion. When we do things we are passionate about our brain operates on a much more fluid level, much like the brain of a person in-love.

Behavior Report this report not only gives a person’s responses to problems, people, pace of life, and procedures, it also addresses their natural emotional responses.  The foundations of behavior are driven by our innate emotional responses to what goes on around us, do we want to fight back, or avoid situations?  Are we prone to such emotions as anger, fear, love or rejection? If we understand an individual’s emotional responses and emotional potential, we understand performance under stress.

Judgment Report captures the natural tendencies in the processing of information in the three dimensions of regarding people, tasks, and systems. It is perhaps the most powerful of our reports as it assesses not only brain function but the employee’s understanding of the world around them as well as themselves. Understanding self is key to capturing the natural talent residing inside each of us.

The assessment reports Viatech Global provide to clients give a glimpse into how our brains are responding to situations and interactions in the workplace. Working together, we can provide employee engagement and retention solutions.

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