Be an Effective Networker!

Ever go to a social event and meet a person who just would not stop talking about themselves? You ask a friend about their vacation and before they get two sentences out this other person interrupts with their story of visiting that same place. Every time your friend tries to continue, the other guy [...]

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How to Treat Employees Fairly

As businesses continue to rebuild from the recession, it is important to understand how to engage and retain employees. Treating employees fairly is at the core of meeting this goal. It sounds simple but it’s often not well executed. Businesses see the bottom line and forget the path to the bottom line is the [...]

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10 Characteristics of Great Leaders

Just like when we get ready to elect another leader; we need to remember the characteristics of a great leader. Whether in the White House or whether in the workplace, leaders can make or break an organization. A combination of these characteristics is what makes a leader a great one. Visionary: Great leaders have [...]

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New Study Finds Soft Skills are More Important than Leadership Training

Employers around the globe are increasingly seeking employees who fit a corporate culture over skill set. That’s not to undervalue specific skills and training. Rather it speaks to trending in hiring and training employees. A recent study by Video Arts finds Leadership and Development professionals are training on soft skills more than Leadership development. [...]

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