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Viatech Global provides a revolutionary scientific advantage for hiring, retaining, and training employees.  Serving governments, hospitals, universities, banks and corporations in all sectors, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, in over 40 countries, Viatech’s Behavior Analysts have over 50 years of combined experience in hiring, training, and developing people, and helping organizations thrive.

With a goal of inspiring and igniting excellence within organizations, our team of Behavior Analysts, Associates, and instructors provides the structure, scientific tools, and training that leads organizations towards maximizing the potential of their employees and leading the company to greatness.

Dr. Margaret Moore – MBA, D.D – Co-Founder

Dr. Margaret Moore was an internationally known motivational speaker and super-trainer.  She was a Certified Professional Behavior Analyst and a Behavioral Consultant.  For over twenty years Maggie had been developing customized training workshops for such diverse clients as prisons, churches, and mental health centers; her client list included the U.S. Small Business Administration, Intel, Dell, Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory, American Express, Celebrity Cruise Lines, Re/Max Realtors, Hawaii Real Estate Commission and dozens more. Maggie helds three Summa Cum Laude degrees, Bachelors and Masters in Business, plus a Doctorate in World Theology.  She was an ordained minister and is widely published.

As an early entrepreneur, Maggie founded businesses in property management, marketing, real estate brokerage and medical weight loss.  She is co¬founder of Viatech Global, an international consulting firm offering multi¬national companies expertise in employee selection and human resource development. Maggie taught secondary and college courses in real estate law, marketing and other business subjects; she is a recognized leader in the fields of mathematical axiology and emotional intelligence. Maggie has been recognized for twenty years in Who’s Who Among International Business Professionals.   She was best known for her warmth and for the harmony she inspired in the business and personal lives of so many.   Dr. Margaret passed away July 2017.

Michael Bouton, Co-Founder, CEO Certified Behavior Analyst and Axiologist

Michael Bouton has over 15 years in assessment consulting for selection and training/development. As an entrepreneur Michael started a successful electronics manufacturing company where he gained his first patent covering optical liquid level sensors. As he was transitioning from one venture to another he was exposed to his first assessment, DISC. Through that exposure coupled with additional assessments Michael made the discovery that during his entrepreneurial years he was most definitely part of the problem.

CJ Wallker, B.A. Psychology
Systems Administrator

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