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‘Pointing Toward Success’

Team Building Workshop Instructor Training

Become certified to facilitate Viatech Global’s highly regarded team building workshop based on our DISCcompass® behavioral assessment. This workshop has been in continuous use in numerous Fortune 500 companies as a cornerstone team-building workshop. It is used to increase communication, understanding, adapting skills and general team performance improvement. With certification you gain access to all the materials necessary to facilitate the workshop: PowerPoint Slide Deck, Facilitator manual, and permission to reprint Participant Guides. This workshop, provided by in-house trainers, is a very economical workshop only requiring purchase of the assessment for all participants.

Training includes:

  • Access to 2 hours of instructional videos plus a PowerPoint Instruction slide deck on how to facilitate the workshop
  • 1 year access to instructor-only website for workshop materials (Annually renewable at $150.00 US)
  • PowerPoint Slide deck – 4 workshops in addition to Pointing Toward Success
  • Reprintable Participant Guide
  • Instructor Guide
  • Team Exercises
  • Learning Videos
  • Additional resources
  • Membership in Viatech Global LinkedIn Certified Instructor group
  • Viatech Global Personal Insight report with 1-hour debrief ($495 value)
  • Report management site where free team reports can be created
  • PASSIONcompass workshop facilitator training

This workshop has proven to be extremely effective for team integration. It provides a pathway for individual team members to discover their behavioral style, their strengths, limitations, and how they affect others both positively and negatively. It provides a channel of understanding that improves communication, reduces emotional stress caused by undue reaction, and generally improves team harmony. It uncovers and resolves conflicts that hamper team effectiveness.

Cost: $350