PASSIONCompass Assessment


This report measures a persons passions in the 7 key dimensions of personal motivation.  Very useful in understanding a persons’ strengths relative to their individual passions.


Have you ever wondered why some people like to work towards certain things and others don’t embrace the same enthusiasm? Have you wondered by some members on a team have a great working connection yet others seem to clash clash?  This assessment will give you a perspective on your potential hires’ passions to better understand them and if they will be a good fit in your organization.

Business leaders are better equipped to make informed personnel decisions when they understand what stimulates each new job applicant or team member.

The PASSIONcompass combines the research of Dr. Eduard Spranger and Gordon Allport into a single, in-depth diagnostic revealing the inherent passions of each user.

The PASSIONcompass assessment identifies seven potential “drivers” which exist in everyone to varying levels. By taking detailed measurements of these seven key impulses, the Passion assessment will offer practical applications and insights necessary to maximize performance and project outcomes.

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