Conquering Tough Team Decisions

The ability to remain a small fish in a big pond has become increasingly more difficult for many businesses in these troubled economic times. This is true of small doctor practices, to medium and large retail groups. How can you maintain your present function with all of the new government and industry regulations, how do we deal with the risk of lawsuits, and the amount of competition that  Read More

Tuckman’s Four Stage Team Development Model from 4 Months to One Day

There is a common problem in many organizations today that is leading to poor team performance. I know my son experienced it personally several years ago when he took over a new management position in an IT department for a state government.  In his first review as a manger he was lauded for his very capable technical skills, but criticized  Read More

Hiring Cost Savings with Elevated Performance: An Objective Study of Selection

In 2008 the Memorial Hermann Health Care System, which includes 14 hospitals in Houston, Texas initiated a program to improve their selection process. They had to find ways to reduce both initial hiring costs and the long term costs of high turnover. To evaluate their new program Memorial Hermann ran a pilot program evaluating  Read More