DISCcompass-Coaching Assessment


Comprehensive DISCcompass report with all features plus Behavioral Tendencies, suggested areas for improvement, recognizing other styles & adapting to them.


The DISCcompass™ is a navigational instrument for finding direction in life — It will show you the way to personal success and fulfillment — it points toward all of your unique talents.  Now you begin your journey into your unique behavioral style.

Harvard Business School confirmed many years ago there are three primary reasons people achieve extreme success in all walks of life whether in the arts, military, professional or any other:  1) they know themselves, 2) they understand and “read” other people, and 3) they know how to adapt to others. The DISCcompass™ teaches individuals, whether employer or employee, how to promote deeper communication that aids productivity and camaraderie. The Compass report takes your communication skills to a higher level because it teaches how to adapt to others.

DISCcompass™ does not make value judgments because there is no “right” or “wrong” way to be.  Instead, it concentrates on natural tendencies that influence your behavior.  It is not about changing yourself or trying to be someone different.  It is about growing and being the best you possible.

The DISCcompass™ is a comprehensive DISC report for use either in a team-training session or as a development tool.  It includes all the main descriptive features, including the 12 Behavioral Tendencies, along with suggested areas for improvement.

Our DISCcompass™ can be used as a growth tool by an individual, in a coaching setting, or as part of a facilitated ‘Pointing Toward Success’ Workshop.

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