Critical Thinking

Made any poor decisions lately?    Have a crucial decision to make?

Demand for Thinking Critically!

The ability to evaluate facts, trends, and situations is vital in today’s information age. Organizations are finding critical thinking to be one of the key competencies of highly successful people and leaders. A lack of situational  awareness or perceptual biases in critical thinking can lead to compromised decisions costing organizations time, money, resources, people, or worse – their reputation!

Critical Thinking

Takes deep reflection and should consider the unique judgment biases and filters of the individual

Critical Thinking Process

  • clearly see information and process it
  • create a plan of action
  • act on the plan

Jaime Sims-McBride CPLP – Coach and Trainer

Thank you, Michael!
I feel like this report was right on.  It captures my strengths and areas for improvement very well.  It illuminated some of the reasons I have difficulties in some areas which is great to know.  My weak areas were not what I would have thought so this is incredibly helpful to me and will help me dig in to some blind spots.

What a great tool! I love it and wish I had had it when I was managing people!! This will be great for coaching too!

Critical Thinking Training?

Advanced training however, does not always guarantee better decisions will be made, as knowing something and applying it are two different things. Understanding one’s natural judgment ability and unique style of processing is vital to becoming a better critical thinker as everyone must understand and overcome their potential biases, blind spots, and filters to become a better critical thinker. When in doubt the person can seek out better advice and consciously use targeted reflective thinking to make better decisions.

Sample Critical Thinking Report
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