Join Us!

Join Us!

Do you want to be a part of a team that will help you accomplish more than you can by yourself? 

Have access to tools that will help you work with any company when it comes to human performance issues? 

Become a human performance specialist, chart your own course, create your own brand, and stand out from your peers?

Than being an Independent Distributor at Viatech Global is for you! 

At Viatech we believe that we succeed by helping each other succeed and you will become a valued member of the team.

As a Distributor you will experience the following:

  • Prompt, thoughtful  support from the professional staff at Viatech Global
  • Proven, state-of-the-art tools that demonstrate a competitive edge
  • Metrics-based training program designed to ensure your proficiency as a professional HR consultant
  • Continuous learning through webinars focusing on using the tools
  • Your brand on the website you use for delivery of assessments as well as on all assessment reports, eliminating the attraction to go around you to us
  • Reliable and secure data handling from our IT Department
  • Access to Affiliate-only cloud service for education, delivery, and resources
  • Free Team Reports
  • Free Team Diagnosis tools
  • Assessments and Reports available in multiple languages
  • Cutting-edge Benchmarking System for selecting the best candidates
  • and, a Trusted reputation used by Fortune 500 companies!
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Upon certification you’ll have:

  • Access to multiple workshop presentation materials including instructor guides
  • A license to reprint Workshop Participant Guides for use with our assessments – saving you the significant cost of workshop materials typical with other workshop providers
  • Team Exercises and Activities to use as you desire
  • Additional tools and graphics to personalize your presentation

Your Competitive Advantage

  • Simple integration of diagnostic reports assessing the three areas:
    • Passion – Motivators (why we do it)
    • Behavior – DISC (how we do it)
    • Judgment – Hartman Value Profile (Our capacity to do it)
  • Superior, intuitive, flexible, website for the delivery, management, and storage of your reports
  • Selection tools that are easy to use, affordable, and provide structured and focused interview guides
  • A complete pathway for you to assist your clients in their challenges with selecting the right people, developing engaged employees, and ensuring the promotion path is suitable for the individual

Partner with us to expand your capabilities!

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