Certified Professional Judgment Practitioner (CPJP) Training

This is an approximately 8-hour course that will require outside readings and work. It will introduce you to the history and application of how we make judgments and what influences the decisions we make. There will be many practical activities that will teach you how to interpret a JUDGMENTcompass report and some added knowledge of how to use The JUDGMENTcompass for coaching and selection purposes. Warning: This may be like learning a foreign language at first but will get easier as you continue to apply the principles learned.


üYou will be provided with PDF’s of additional information and readings with each mission
üYou will be sent access to complete your own JUDGMENTcompass Report and receive a debrief of your report by a trained professional
üUpon completion you will receive access to use all Judgment training materials
üUpon completion you will also receive access to Resource Files on Sharefile giving you access to the Workshop and additional materials
üIncludes 5 JUDGMENTcompass assessments (retail value $485.00)

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