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Certified Professional Judgment Practitioner (CPJP)


Unlock the power of JUDGMENTcompass (HVP) Certification Training with Viatech Global and Cornerstone Consulting. Become a certified expert in formal Value science and revolutionize your consulting journey today!

Attention Coaches and Consultants:  Are you ready to enhance your consulting prowess like never before? Our comprehensive training program is designed to equip you with advanced skills in formal Value science, eliminating biases that hinder accurate assessments. Differentiate yourself from the competition and uncover the true potential of your clients with JUDGMENTcompass.

  • Shortcut client understanding to maximize strengths and reduce limitations
  • Streamline hiring decisions for optimal results and cost-effectiveness
  • Revolutionize team development by uncovering judgment gaps and blockers

Join us in this transformative journey to increase your professional value, create new revenue streams effortlessly, and stand out as a leader in the consulting landscape. Enroll now to lead effectively, manage efficiently, and drive unparalleled success in your practice!

Invest in your future today with JUDGMENTcompass (HVP) Certification Training. Your path to differentiation starts here! 


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