The Leadership Dance

There is nothing like learning something new to teach you a few life lessons. I took up West Coast Swing dance lessons this month and have found them to be challenging, insightful and full of great information that applies to life beyond the dance floor. Beautiful execution is dependent on [...]

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New Study Finds Soft Skills are More Important than Leadership Training

Employers around the globe are increasingly seeking employees who fit a corporate culture over skill set. That’s not to undervalue specific skills and training. Rather it speaks to trending in hiring and training employees. A recent study by Video Arts finds Leadership and Development professionals are training on soft skills more than Leadership development. [...]

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Top Five Reasons to Work with Viatech Global

The workplace is a changed environment and we understand the challenges faced by organizations as a result of these changes. We’re no longer in a “climb the corporate ladder” environment; employees are ready for positions to open – and not at your organization. They understand the value of change and so should you. At [...]