Cost of Attrition

The Right Employee

Since employees are quite often considered to be a company’s most valuable asset and also one of their most expensive outlays, it is imperative to hire right the first time!

When you consider the cost to hire an $8.00 per hour employee can exceed $3500, that includes the hard costs – advertising consultants, hiring expense and so forth – plus the cost of training, productivity ramp up during the start-up phase and then the loss of productivity as the employee is going through the leaving phase, voluntary or not.

Add to that the potential damage to a company’s reputation by having unsuitable employees interfacing with internal and external customers.  All of this adds up to quite an expense.

NOW… imagine if it was an employee making $27,000 per year, or $60,000, or more…

Call us to talk about how our products and services can reduce your cost of attrition while also raising the overall performance of your workforce. Let us prove to you how the only totally blind, deductive assessment available today can ease your hiring process while simultaneously reducing attrition and increase employee performance and engagement.

Try our improved Attrition Calculator using your costs… just click on the picture below.

Attrition Calculator

What is your cost of attrition?
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