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We Can All Be Brave When We Face Our Worst Fears!

By Pamela Brooks

Many may wonder if they are brave enough to face the many challenges presented by the pandemic. The press stories today are of the police officers, nurses, and doctors putting their lives on the line to save someone.  We can also read about the terror faced by grocery store employees and transportation people who have lost their lives due to exposure.  We even hear about the many owners of small businesses being forced to close their doors because they cannot afford to stay open and are forced to let their employees go.  While none of these stories may resonate with you, we are all still facing our version of the fear and anxiety caused by the consequences of the pandemic. So how do we manage ourselves and fears so that we get ahead and demonstrate bravery to those we love?    Read More

The Discomfort I Feel in a World of Change!

By Pamela Brooks

The world has changed in less than a month.  Our day-to-day activities and focus have shifted so drastically that we may not be able to remember what our old normal was like. We have been so busy adjusting, pushing forward on adrenaline, that we not sure how to label the feelings and emotions in the present.  Sometimes it may be disbelief and shock, sometimes it might be anger, and other times we may just feel off or more down than normal but cannot seem to describe it.  We may even be coming down now from the adrenaline rush we were used to living in and now we almost feel let down or where is the treadmill we can get back on. The reality is we are at a loss of normal and realize we are not in a sprint but a long-distance change.  So how do we make sense of it all, what are we experiencing… GRIEF.  Grief is a universal experience that we all go through when we feel a sense of loss.  We feel different things, at different times, and in different ways.   The positive in all of it is that feeling means we are still alive and very human and when we can name our emotion, we can tame it and move on.  Read More

Conquering Tough Team Decisions

The ability to remain a small fish in a big pond has become increasingly more difficult for many businesses in these troubled economic times. This is true of small doctor practices, to medium and large retail groups. How can you maintain your present function with all of the new government and industry regulations, how do we deal with the risk of lawsuits, and the amount of competition that  Read More

Tuckman’s Four Stage Team Development Model from 4 Months to One Day

There is a common problem in many organizations today that is leading to poor team performance. I know my son experienced it personally several years ago when he took over a new management position in an IT department for a state government.  In his first review as a manger he was lauded for his very capable technical skills, but criticized  Read More

Hiring Cost Savings with Elevated Performance: An Objective Study of Selection

In 2008 the Memorial Hermann Health Care System, which includes 14 hospitals in Houston, Texas initiated a program to improve their selection process. They had to find ways to reduce both initial hiring costs and the long term costs of high turnover. To evaluate their new program Memorial Hermann ran a pilot program evaluating  Read More

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