Course Objectives:

  • Understand the history and studies that lead to validaton of the Judgment Report.
  • Understand the three core judgment dimensions for both our world and self evaluation.
  • Connect the dimension and mindsets that make up the 9 primary Judgment Styles.
  • Examine and develop the proper interpretation of an HVP report.
  • Utlize your understanding of judgment as it relates to selection, various training activities, team development, and coaching program.

Pre-Course Requirements:

  • Complete a JUDGEMENT Compass Report
  • Receive a debrief over your report by a trained professional
  • You will be provided with PDF’ s of additional information and readings for each week.
Session 1 — What is Judgment and Valuation? (1 hour)
Session 2 — Identifying Style Combinations (1 hour)
Session 3 — Understanding the Personal Styles (1 hour)
Session 4 — Understanding the Practical Styles (1 hour)
Session 5 — Understanding the Structured Styles (1 hour)
Session 6 — Understanding the Innovative Mindset (1 hour)
Session 7 — How to use the report (1 hour)
Session 8 - This session is to review any of the given information as desired by participants. The intent is to prepare for the certification exam and cover additional case studies.


  • Includes one year access to instructor site for addiĕonal materials
  • Includes one year access to use all Workshop T raining materials
  • Includes 5 JUDGMENT compass profiles (retail value $1000.00)



Exam – Must be completed within 2 weeks for certification!!!

COST: $1550.00