Course Objectives:

  • Understand the differences between Behaviors, Passions and Judgments
  • Understand the three core Judgment dimensions for both our world and self ‐evaluation
  • Connect the dimension and mindsets that make up the 9 primary Judgment Styles.
  • Examine and develop the proper interpretation of the combination of the three reports DISC, Passion, and Judgment (HVP)?
  • Utilize your understanding of the three styles together as they relate to selection, various training activities, team development, and coaching programs.

Pre-Course Requirements:

  • Completed DISCcompass, PASSIONcompass and JUDGMENTcompass training
  • Have a working understanding of all three; DISC, Passion, and Judgment
Session 1 — Background & Overview of Integration (1 ½ hours)
Session 2 — Review of Passions (Motivators) & Review of DISC (1 ½ hours)
Session 3 — Integrating of just DISC and Passions (1 ½ hours)
Session 4 — Review of Judgment
Session 5 — Integrating DISC and Judgment(1 ½ hours)
Session 6 — Integration of DISC, Passions and Judgment (1 ½ hours)
Session 7 — How do you debrief over all three reports (1 ½ hours)
Session 8 - Review , Review , Review


  • Includes license to use Workshop T raining materials
  • PowerPoint Slide Deck and Workshop Participant Guide in PDF
  • Access to Instructor site for additional materials
  • Five INSIGHTcompass coaching reports – Consolidated report that includes all three compass reports (Retail value $1,400)
  • Participation in monthly in‐depth review of one selection INSIGHTcompass Coaching reports
  • Part of Viatech Global’ s ongoing education excellence


Exam – Must be completed within 2 weeks for certification!!!

COST: $1750.00