INSIGHT Integration Certification

INSIGHT Integration Certification

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the differences between Behaviors, Passions and Judgments
  • Understand the three core Judgment dimensions for both our world and self ‐evaluation
  • Connect the dimension and mindsets that make up the 9 primary Judgment Styles.
  • Examine and develop the proper interpretation of the combination of the three reports DISC, Passion, and Judgment (HVP)?

Pre-Course Requirements:

  • Completed DISCcompass, PASSIONcompass and JUDGMENTcompass training
  • Have a working understanding of all three; DISC, Passion, and Judgment

Session 1 — Background & Overview of Integration (1 ½ hours)

PreSession Work : Review your own DISCcompass and PASSIONcompass reports

  • Why integrate? What is to be gained?
  • What is Performance?
  • How are each of the reports different?
  • What framework can we use to understand how to combine the information?

Session 2 — Review of Passions (Motivators) & Review of DISC (1 ½ hours)

PreSession Work: Review handouts on the basics of DISC and Passion

  • Review the basics of DISC:What are the basics of each style and their emotional charge?
  • What does being high and low on the energy line mean?
  • How do they combine in the 12 Integrated Behaviors?
  • Review the basics of Passions:What does being very high and very low mean for each passion? Why does it matter?
  • What drives each passion or pushes people away?

Session 3 — Integrating of just DISC and Passions (1 ½ hours)

PreSession Work: Review handouts on how to integrate DISC and Passion

  • How do different DISC styles pursue their passion?
  • What are boosters and blockers?
  • Looking across People, Task/Priorities, and Structure/Processes

Session 4 — Review of Judgment

PreSession work: Review your own JUDGMENTcompass report

    • What are the fundamental components to understanding our Judgment?

Natural Focus
Judgment Capacity
Problem ­Solving ability

  • What are the three universal levels of judgment and why do they matter?
  • How do World and Self balance effect judgment?
  • What are the keys to top performance from a Judgment perspective?
  • What can we gain by understanding the biases and blind spots in our Judgment?
  • What are the 11 basic Judgment types?

Session 5 — Integrating DISC and Judgment(1 ½ hours)

PreSession Work: Review handout on the integraton of each base style.

      • What are we looking for?
      • Boosters and Blockers
      • How do strengths and limits combine?
      • Integration of each base style
      • Homework examples

      PreSession Work: Review base areas of integration.

      • What are the three key performance areas?
      • Feeling – People issues
      • Doing – T ask Priority issues
      • Thinking – System Processing issues
      • How do you use the reports to predict these ways of responding?

      Session 7 — How do you debrief over all three reports (1 ½ hours)

      PreSession Work: Take time to review case studies and provide your own personal examples.

      • How should you prepare a client for what will happen?
      • Why it is important to know their “Why?”
      • Where do you start?
      • How should you end?

      Session 8 – Review , Review , Review

      PreSession Work: Submit personal examples to be reviewed in the last week. There will be back up cases to review , but personal ones are always better.

      Review your notes on what do to…
      You will be called on to give your own insights…


  • Includes license to use Workshop T raining materials
  • PowerPoint Slide Deck and Workshop Participant Guide in PDF
  • Access to Instructor site for additional materials
  • Five INSIGHTcompass coaching reports – Consolidated report that includes all three compass reports (Retail value $1,400)
  • Participation in monthly in‐depth review of one selection INSIGHTcompass Coaching reports
  • Part of Viatech Global’ s ongoing education excellence

Exam – Must be completed within 2 weeks for certification!!!

COST: $1750.00

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