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Maggie Moore founded the company when she began teaching Adventures in Attitude to inmates and prison administrators in Hawaii in 1990.  After returning to the mainland a few years later, she expanded the business to include a DISC Behavioral Assessment.  Working in Phoenix AZ, her early clients included realtors, event planners, dentists, ministers and many others. When Michael Bouton came onboard in 1996, he expanded the business to include Human Motivators workshops and eventually large-scale training programs for multi-national companies worldwide. As Viatech’s customer base grew to include not just international electronics companies, but a diversified group of fortune 500 companies plus a growing group of distributors serving clients all over the world, more assessments were added.

Today, Viatech provides many customized solutions to meet the modern needs for hiring, on-boarding, training, employee development and retention. We’ve grown from a reseller of assessments provided by the most respected names in the industry to developing our own assessments. We now offer a unique combination of assessments gaining an unprecedented view into a person’s talents. Our services include not only the assessments but the training to take interested practitioners to the highest level of expertise in understanding assessments and their tremendous value in transforming the human side of organizations.

Interesting fact – Viatech has grown steadily for over 25 years solely by word-of-mouth.  Typically, trained facilitators from companies would take our programs with them when they joined another company or struck out on their own. Customers from Dubai, Turkey, China, Malaysia, Europe, Australia and many more locations continually contact us for solutions.

Viatech is a joy to own and operate. Answering the phone can be a new adventure in assisting the most astute, energetic and solution-oriented people in the world of commerce and industry today. We don’t take this success for granted.  Our mission has always been to provide gold-standard customer service and accurate, cutting-edge assessments and training.

We offer all of our expertise to each customer as we solve problems together.

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